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Abe Mendel - Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Abe Mendel oversaw the growth of RBE through bridge loan financing by placing nearly a billion dollars in various projects over the years. Subsequently, this led to the development of residential and franchise hotel properties throughout the tri-state area as an equity party.  Abe Mendel's expertise includes property locations in gentrifying areas. Abe does his due diligence to determine the financial viability of a project along with building design with the goal of maximizing building size. His expertise lies in pinpointing potential growth opportunities and maximizing the profit potential.


Abe Mendel focuses on managing the financial operation during the construction phase of a development project which includes maintaining the budget and ensuring that the banking requirements are met. In addition, ABE provides the necessary bank financing and equity for development projects. Once the properties were operational, RBE procured long-term financing.

In addition, Abe places focus on the purchase of existing operational hotels in the RBE expanded footprint. The RBE footprint includes New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The objective is to purchase hotel properties either underperforming with high yield potential or off-market profitable properties with room for increased revenue with the RBH management skills.

Prior to ABE, Dr. Abe Mendel was President of MB Management Company/ MB Group Inc. which bought and managed over 1,000 residential units in the tri-state area along with nearly a million square feet of commercial property in the Mid-West. During the peak real estate period, the bulk of these properties was sold or converted to condominiums.


Currently, Abe served as a Director of Cross River Bank and sat on its lending committee. Cross River Bank is located in Teaneck, NJ. This bank opened six years ago and is currently a $5 Billion bank.

Dr. Mendel holds a BA, MBA, and Ph.D. and has the experience of a Professor at various Universities and Colleges in New York City. Abe Mendel holds the position of Chairman of the  Board of Prospect Park Schools which has an enrollment of nearly 1,200 students Abe Mendel also sits on the Board of various charitable organizations and is actively involved in major charitable causes both in New York and overseas.




Steven Mendel-Executive- Chief Operating Officer


Steven Mendel is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at RBE and oversees the development process to enhance the growth of RBE’s hotel portfolio. Steven is responsible for site selection, construction, and ultimate operation of the properties and determines which franchise is selected and is optimum for each area. 

Steven conducts the studies to determine the financial viability of each development project and works with the design team, architect, builder, and expeditor to ensure the project maximizes its profit potential. Steven's expertise is to work directly with the various specialties to obtain the building plans approved as rapidly as possible. Once plans are submitted, he works with the GC to determine trade sources, and costs and begins seeking equity and bank financing for the construction phase. Steven determines the project's progress and maintains cost controls to ensure the profitability of each project.


Mr. Mendel is the primary force in the development and management of all hotel projects and is President of RiverBrook Hospitality Management LLC, the operating hotel management arm. With Steven's real estate acumen and management skills of the RBE portfolio, RBE has demonstrated a proven track record of profitability.

Steven started his career as a financial planner and analyst at Merrill Lynch and Safra National Bank. Mr. Mendel earned his MBA at the Zicklen School of Business and is a Certified Financial Manager with the following financial licenses:  Series 7 – Broker License, Series 66 –State License, as well as Life + Health Insurance License. Steven serves as a Director of CrossRiver Bank located in Teaneck, NJ. The bank opened six years ago and currently has over $5 billion in assets. Steve’s other activities include volunteer work with cancer-stricken children at Chai Lifeline Foundation and sits on the Board of other charitable organizations.


Donna M Daly - Director of Hotel Operations

Donna M Daly has been in the hotel and hospitality arena for nearly 25 years. Donna started her career at the Milford Plaza in New York moving up the ladder to managing the reservation and scheduling departments. From there Donna moved on to the Marriott Courtyard at the LaGuardia Airport. In this position, Donna was in charge of the employee staff and management of the front desk. This position included forecasting, budgeting, and staff management to maintain continued profitability.

Prior to joining the RBE team, Donna also had a 12-year stint at the Ramada Plaza Hotel at JFK airport, a 500-room hotel. In this position, Donna managed the staff ensuring high team performance, and overseeing scheduling, payroll as well as hiring staff. In addition, Donna maintained budgets/ forecasting to maintain and increase profitability year after year.  With Donna at the facility, the hotel maintained high guest scores at the Medallia level on a continuous basis.

Donna joined the RBE team in 2009 and serves as the Hotel Manager at the RBE Comfort Inn near JFK while maintaining the position of Director of Operations and overseeing the operation of RBE’s other six hotels. Donna is responsible for hiring staff at all facilities and ensures each hotel has the appropriate budgets along with projections for profitability. She has meetings on a regular basis with each hotel manager to ensure the highest guest satisfaction ratings. Lastly, she is involved on a management level prior to and after each hotel is opened to insure a smooth opening.



Sasha  Devine -  Regional Director and Sales Manager

Sasha Devine has spent her career in the hospitality industry. At the outset, she worked as an Assistant  General Manager at the Hampton Inn in Pennsylvania. She then moved to the Town Place suites By Marriott as General Manager. At Town Place, Sasha ensured the budgeting of operations and personnel. In addition, she maintained a high industry standard of customer satisfaction. With this ability, she insured continued profitability for the property. Sasha also was responsible for maintaining the Marriott standards and ensuring compliance with the franchise agreement.

When RBE purchased that property, they realized Sasha’s talent and drive and elevated her to her current position as regional director and sales manager. Sasha has proven to be a superstar in providing valued expertise in motivating our personnel and increasing sales in all our regional properties. She has also demonstrated her ability in assessing new property purchases for RBE. Sasha is a valued member of the RBE team and has a proven track record of proving the talent needed in any hospitality organization.

Arif Pasha - Director Maintenance

Arif Pasha is RiverBrook Equities Director of Maintenance and oversees property maintenance portfolio wide. Arif is a seasoned industry veteran with over 10 years experience in the role. As part of his duties Arif regularly travels to the properties to ensure that all of RBE’s hotel portfolio meet or exceed all maintenance expectations. Arif’s hands on approach keeps staff highly motivated and sharp thus ensuring continued high quality performance.

Schwarcz, CPA, PLLC

This firm provides RBE with corporate strategic planning and analysis. The firm has over 30 years of experience in all facets of real estate development and operations. 

Schwartz CPA is RBE’S primary strategic financial arm and is responsible for tax planning, audit, and tax filings.

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